Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Bad, bad, bad blogger!

Yes, it's been ages since I blogged, but the reason is an extremely slow internet connection that is driving me to distraction! I waited 2 minutes for my blog to fully load, before I gave up and decided just to post. So you will be seeing stuff on my blog that I can't!!!!
Moan over, I have been doing stuff. I made a bag out of some scraps of fabric I've had lying around. It's padded and great for carrying my 12x12 papers to crops- I can even get my whole Scrapagogo kit in it- box and all.

I've knitted a very long scarf, which is great because it wraps round my neck so many times that even when it's freezing outside, I'm too warm :o) It's done in Rowan Cocoon, which is a mix of 80% merino wool and 20% kid mohair- lovely to knit with, but a bit expensive.

I've also knitted one fingerless glove (I promise to get round to the other one!), made half a mini book, done a few layouts, bought the Barcelona skirt pattern on this site to make as soon as I can get material (great site by the way- with fast delivery).

I did a very simple stamped and water coloured card for my Mam for Mother's Day, and got cards off the children for myself and Peter Kay's autograph for me from Fifi.

I also want to make some special things in the next couple of weeks which I'll have to keep a secret- mean aren't I ;o)
So, is that OK for you Mrs Nwti? :o)


Anonymous said...
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Anna said...

Hey Tracy
I've tagged you, check it out on my blog!
Lovely work as usual. Time to update please...