Monday, 26 November 2007

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

...and I'm getting excited already! I've done my covers for my Christmas journal and I'll get some pages ready using the maps from Shimelle's prompts and I'll be ready :o) Well, as long as my scrapping table comes as it's supposed to on Saturday. Only a little table, but mine- just for crafting. One which I don't have to tidy away so that we can have tea.

I've got my box of Christmas stash just waiting to be cut up- can you tell I'm raring to go!!!
E.T.A. Forgot to say that the papers are from My Minds Eye Signature Christmas collection. The Santa in sleigh is chipboard from Heidi Hi Crafts which has been dipped into UTEE and embosing powders using a melt pot and the 2007 is from my stash pile that I coated in the same way but didn't like the colour so finished it off with a dusting of Perfect Pearls.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Shopping trip from hell!

Teacher training today for both children, so it was the ideal time to go off and get new Winter coats for them. They have grown so much since the Summer, and it won't be long 'till I'm the shortest member of the family!

Bobs hates shopping and was completely miffed when he realised that we were going to be buying more than PS2 games. He quickly got what he wanted with only half a glance at what he was buying (must be a male thing), Fifi however couldn't find anything. We trolled from one shop to the next, but nothing was quite right (must be a female thing). Anyway, to cut a very long and boring story short, frustration got the better of both of the little darlings and after much sniping at each other an all out fight broke out in Asda. There was shoving and tears and a lot of 'she said, he said'. So, there was only one thing for it- they got the look!!! I'm sure this 'look' is innate in our family, because all female members above a certain age can do it. No words needed, the 'look' says it all lol. We finished our shopping trip in relative peace Fifi even found some clothes, but the nightmare wasn't over- we got stuck in traffic and it took us two hours to get home.

Christmas shopping is all being done online this year :o)

The picture is of Bobs contemplating the TARDIS in the Dr. Who Exhibition in Cardiff. Totally unrelated to my shopping trip, but we're having Dr. Who withdrawel symptoms in our house at the moment.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Oh no!

Well today was another day of waiting in for a delivery. It was OK though, it was our new table and chairs so I was very excited. No more balancing plates on laps and dinner down your front (well maybe). The delivery time came and went, but I used the time wisely and finished off our team challenge LO. Finally, they came- hooray- or not as the case turned out to be. The first thing I noticed was that it was the wrong table!!! Unbelievable, we'd been waiting for 6 weeks. Ordered early to ensure we got it all well in time for Christmas, and then they send the wrong one. After sorting this out, I began to wonder why I had ordered cream covers on the chairs. With two extremely messy children, cream is not a colour we do in this house. So, I checked the order- Bali Straw. Sounds cream. I must have been having a mad moment when we ordered. That or the price had shocked me so much I wasn't thinking straight. But then Fifi came home. "I thought you'd ordered green covers because we're so messy", she said. Another phone call to the shop ascertained that Bali Straw was in fact green and we had the wrong chairs. You would think that maybe someone somewhere had our table and chairs by mistake, but no. Apparently it has been a complete cock up!

So will we get our table and chairs in time for Christmas- who knows :o(

I'm tempted to invite everyone over for a crop- well they did say we could use this table in the meantime ;o)

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

So I'm wondering..... I have enough Christmas stash for Shimelle's journal? This is just the papers and odds and ends I've found. I need more ribbon (on it's way) alphas and then I think I'm ready. Really looking forward to journalling our Christmas this year as it's the first one since we've been married (15 years) where it's just been the four of us. Doing Shimelle's class will give me the push I need, and the inspiration- she has such good ideas.

I'm amazed at how many of us there are doing it, and from all over the world, which just makes it extra special. So, not long to wait now. Can you tell I'm excited lol.

Bobs is playing football for his school today, of course we'd forgotten his boots, so I've just had to dash to the school with them, getting soaked in the process. I just hope they win- they've not had much luck recently :o(

Right, off to decide how to cover my journal.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007


I've started loads of craft projects recently, but none are finished yet so I thought I'd post this photo of Fifi with her sparkler on Bonfire Night. Sparklers, as you can see, make very good wands! I'm hoping to use the photo for a team challenge we've got coming up on UKS, so a layout is soon to follow.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

I'm back!- I think.

Well, I know I'm probably jinxing it, but my internet has been on for over a week. It's very slow, so slow I'm imagining some little internet elf or something standing in our exchange and cranking a big handle to wind it up, but it's on and it's wireless!
The house is nearly finished- Hurray! Just a couple more curtains or blinds to make (can't decide which) and a bit more furniture, but that may have to wait a while. Anyway off to the little fabric shop in town for some curtain material and who knows some yarn as well.
Back soon (fingers crossed) and if I've got an hour to spare I'll upload some photos too :o)

Friday, 2 November 2007

Bad Blogger.

Well I've not been very prolific with my blogging have I! Mostly this is due to the fact that our broadband is still playing up and at times we are without it for hours on end. However because the problems are down to the length of line, we've been told that it is this or nothing- back to dial-up and no wireless :( So we're trying to put up with it for now, though it's a massive pain and has only made my desire to move greater than ever. That in turn causes arguements and the stress levels just increase. So, I really don't want to bore you with all of that (although I just have:) )
On a much more postive note, Percy has had her baby and come home- thank goodness for some good news. Fifi got two certificates for Chemistry and Clarinet- what a fabulous daughter I have. She has framed them as she is so proud and she should be, she works so hard. Bobs has had his hair cut!!!!!! Those of you that know him will realise what a big event this is. He wanted to look like Ronaldo, and considering he's an 11 year old Welsh boy and not a 22 year old Portugese footballer, the hairdresser did a good job. I'll post photos soon.